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Paddle Diva Perspectives: Watch this Space!

Over the past four years, as she’s worked on building a thriving business around stand up paddle boarding instruction, Gina Bradley, owner of Paddle Diva, has developed relationships with hundreds of women on the East End of Long Island, an area that has long been recognized as among the country’s most elite and exclusive communities. Naturally outgoing, optimistic and determined, Bradley has become something of a local guru to women from all social strata, ranging from 20-somethings casting around for inspiration and direction, to women who have already lived a little: the newly divorced, the empty-nester, the increasing number of work-at-home moms that need to integrate more fitness and friendship into their daily routines.

Drawn to the message of personal empowerment that is an integral part of her SUP instruction, women gravitate to Gina for words of wisdom on matters of entrepreneurship, women’s fitness, financial security and emotional health. Those who reach out find her generous with advice — and passionate that they consider taking the advice — and themselves — seriously.

Launching this Spring, “Paddle Diva Perspectives” is a video series created to deliver Gina’s message. Paddle Diva’s mission is to make all women, regardless of location or economic status, feel empowered to take on whatever personal challenges they may be facing, and set their sights on higher goals. The philosophy is built around four “health fundamentals” that Gina believes women need to focus on if they want to realize a fully self-empowered — and powerful — lifestyle.

Physical health: moving your body and finding a way to enjoy fitness. Changes may come slowly, but they do come if you commit.

Emotional health: committing to honest self-exploration, and working towards attainable goals by making slow, incremental changes in your thoughts and habits.

Financial health: no matter what state your finances are in, you need to take responsibility for whatever money you have and assert some control over managing it yourself.

Environmental health: treating the world around you with respect. Bradley is an activist for issues around plastic pollution and ocean conservation, and all Paddle Diva lessons and tours include a strong message about maintaining the world’s natural balance and splendor.

So continue to watch this space!  And meanwhile, take a look at what some of Paddle Diva’s customers have to say about what SUP does for them (and what Gina brings to the lessons).

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