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Juicing for Good Health? Not Necessarily So

There is no denying that juicing has taken the health world by storm, with A-list celebrities joining the juicing bandwagon and becoming advocates of its many health benefits.  The industry has boomed into a $5 billion business and is continuously growing at the rate of 4-8% per year.  Juice bars are popping up on every corner and there is no shortage of new commercial juice products and high-tech juicer/blender machines appearing in retail stores.

But despite the craze, health and nutritional experts are voicing concerns about the negative effects of an all-juice diet. The following are just a few of the potential health problems caused by replacing your meals with juices and smoothies.

  1. Going on a juice only diet can actually cause weight gain instead of weight loss. The majority of calories in juice come from carbs, including sugars from fruits and vegetables.  Juice also lacks the proteins necessary to boost your metabolism and build lean muscles.
  2. The high acid content in most juices can cause dental problems.  This is similar to how acid in soft drinks cause tooth enamel to soften, leading to tooth decay.
  3. Because juices are absorbed more quickly in the body, there is a rapid increase in blood sugar which can raise your chances of developing diabetes and other blood glucose disorders.

We still prefer whole fruits and vegetables

As much as I enjoy drinking healthy juices to refresh me on hot days, I still prefer my greens on a plate and eat them with most of my meals.  Also, I find juice is so much better and well-balanced when paired with a healthy sandwich or some protein-rich snacks.

For those who are have trouble eating their greens juicing can be a great alternative, however, I would recommend eating as much whole fruits and vegetables as possible, in order to fully benefits from the rich micronutrients found in whole foods.  Adding some flavor to your greens or mixing them with flavorful ingredients can make a big difference.  Compared to drinking your fruits and vegetable, you’ll find that taking a bite into them gives you more energy and vibrancy and makes you feel fuller — something every active women needs to negotiate her personal daily challenges!

Why SUP Certification and Regulation is So Important

Although we’ve been teaching stand up paddle boarding for almost six years now, SUP is still a fairly new sport when it comes to establishing standards for industry providers like Paddle Diva. A recent, fatal incident near our winter home in Rincon, Puerto Rico, illustrates the need for strong regulation of the industry both for SUP instructors — and even more importantly, for the hundreds and thousands of watersports vendors that offer SUP rentals to vacationers without providing even a minimal amount of SUP and water safety instructions.

In the nearby resort town of Aguadilla, a young couple rented out equipment to go paddle boarding off Crash Boat Beach. After being reported missing at the end of the day, the Coast Guard was called in to start the search.  The paddleboards were found first (indicating that neither of them had been properly tethered to their boards – it’s still a mystery why their leashes were off); the man was found later that evening, stranded on Desecheo Island suffering from dehydration and injuries. The woman’s body was never retrieved. The two may have been trying to explore the island from their paddleboards and been caught unprepared for some bad weather.


Photo courtesy Daileen Rodriguez for Primera Hora

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Thinking About Seeing a Parenting Coach?

There are plenty of books and ‘how-to’ websites that offer parenting advice, but the vast amount of information available to us parents can cause us to feel overwhelmed! I also find that the problems and nuances of family dynamics are so unique to each of our own lives that it’s almost impossible to practically apply any of this help to our individual situations. Trying to compare my own parenting issues against what is considered ‘standard’ — or trying to compare my experiences again other parents’ – hasn’t been very helpful to me. My two kids (a girl and a boy, three years apart) bring tremendous joy, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing — no one is a ‘natural’ when it comes to being a parent.  It takes a lot of trial and error — and patience.

The years spent parenting can be the most challenging time of a person’s life. They can be filled with love, wonderment, pride and happiness, but at the same time can be confusing and complicated as you muddle your way through your children’s formative years, from infant-hood to teenager! My husband, Scott, and I had upbringings that were vastly different from each other — something many of us don’t consider when we are getting hitched.  We both had completely different approaches to raising children, which in turn was causing us to send mixed messages to our kids and causing them to respond with difficult behaviors!

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Spring Cleaning for a Healthier You

Spring is coming (can you feel it yet?) and with it comes the need for a major cleaning around the house and garden. If you’re still feeling winter’s sluggishness and not quite ready to tackle cleaning out your closets, then why not begin with yourself first? After all, refreshing your health and rejuvenating your spirit should be the most important part of your spring cleaning!

healthy foodGive your plate a make-over.  Spring is the best time to check your eating habits and start planning healthier meals for yourself and your family.  It doesn’t have to be a major change — just make sure that you are practicing conscious eating.  Take advantage of any local produce in your area — get those seasonal fruits and veggies your body needs to get ready for all the wonderful outdoor activities you’ll be able to enjoy in the upcoming weeks.  If you feel like you need to get rid of any toxins or impurities that might be accumulating in your body, try adding these cleansing foods to your diet for a natural spring detox.

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Catching a Wave in Rincon

One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m in Rincon is work on my stand up paddle surfing skills.  I starting SUP surfing five years ago and I still find it thrilling every time a catch a wave (even a small one).

Learning how to SUP surf was a slow process for me, but with practice I steadily got better and started taking on larger waves. To me, SUP surfing is beautiful — almost an art form — and an exciting way to be out of the water. Here’s a short video of one of my last paddle surf trip and the beautiful scenery that I see as I catch a wave.

If you want to try paddle surfing on your next trip to the beach, these SUP surfing tips can help you get started.