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SPA Soiree: Enjoy a Wellness Weekend You Deserve

Spring is in full swing and if you’re looking to take a break after a chilly winter then the Spa Soiree Wellness Weekend may just be what you need!

Organized by The Independent and The Wizard of Spa, the Spa Soirée is a gathering of spa-goers, the spa industry, and business professionals alike for an evening of mingling and fun.  But it’s not just a party — it’s also a Wellness Weekend. The fun starts when you check in on Saturday, April 25 (that’s this weekend, people!) to enjoy an ocean view accommodation, a relaxing day at Gurney’s Seawater Spa and a VIP cocktail hour before the Spa Soiree. Guests will enjoy complimentary cocktails, a delicious menu of spa-inspired hors d’oeuvres, gift bags filled with products and a silent spa auction.

Spa Soiree

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Paddle Diva’s Inspirational Woman: Alexia Lalli

This month, Paddle Diva is featuring my very own mom, Alexia Lalli, as our Inspirational Woman. Her spirit, tenacity and intelligence are what make her so inspirational to her friends and family, who refer to her affectionately as Lex.

paddle-diva-and-momAt 76, (77 on April 24!) Lex is enjoying every aspect of her busy life, making frequent trips to New York City from her cozy home in the Berkshire Mountains. She’s got a great cat, Willie, who is her constant companion. She’s an active member in the Hillsdale community within Columbia County working on the preservation and growth of this thriving area. Semi-retired, Lex still consults on projects that interest her. She’s also a member of the Century Club, a  private club founded in 1829 to promote interest in the fine arts and literature. If you’re lucky, she’ll invite you to dine and explore their amazing landmark building!

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Get Ready for SUP Racing!

It’s finally Spring — time to head out and join in some SUP racing.  Here are some of the biggest upcoming SUP racing events that you won’t want to miss.

Rincon’s Beachboy SUP Race (April 11)

Just like last year, we’ll be starting off our racing season by heading over to Puerto Rico for the 7th Rincon Beach Boy SUP Race.  One of the island’s largest events, the annual Beachboy SUP Race is organized and sponsored by the Parador Villa Antonio and the Villa Confressi hotels, who give away over $17k in cash prizes and goodies for all competitors. Part of the proceeds are donated to “Salon Angelitos de Amor, Inc.,” which supports Downs Syndrome kids and other local community charities. Last year participation reached a record 301 competitors!

Check out some highlights from last year’s event.

Registration is still ongoing — visit the site for more details if you’re interested.

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Missed our Winter SUP Yoga Retreat?

Our SUP Yoga vacation package combines elements of land and sea to provide our guests with an incredibly integrated trip that will leave you refreshed and renewed!

We offer SUP Yoga Retreats several times each year — check our website for dates!

The next SUP adventure is a “Couples Only” SUP Vacation, April 29 – May 5. Join real Rincon insiders, Scott and Gina Bradley, who will help you experience the island from a different point of view — on both land and water.


Juicing for Good Health? Not Necessarily So

There is no denying that juicing has taken the health world by storm, with A-list celebrities joining the juicing bandwagon and becoming advocates of its many health benefits.  The industry has boomed into a $5 billion business and is continuously growing at the rate of 4-8% per year.  Juice bars are popping up on every corner and there is no shortage of new commercial juice products and high-tech juicer/blender machines appearing in retail stores.

But despite the craze, health and nutritional experts are voicing concerns about the negative effects of an all-juice diet. The following are just a few of the potential health problems caused by replacing your meals with juices and smoothies.

  1. Going on a juice only diet can actually cause weight gain instead of weight loss. The majority of calories in juice come from carbs, including sugars from fruits and vegetables.  Juice also lacks the proteins necessary to boost your metabolism and build lean muscles.
  2. The high acid content in most juices can cause dental problems.  This is similar to how acid in soft drinks cause tooth enamel to soften, leading to tooth decay.
  3. Because juices are absorbed more quickly in the body, there is a rapid increase in blood sugar which can raise your chances of developing diabetes and other blood glucose disorders.

We still prefer whole fruits and vegetables

As much as I enjoy drinking healthy juices to refresh me on hot days, I still prefer my greens on a plate and eat them with most of my meals.  Also, I find juice is so much better and well-balanced when paired with a healthy sandwich or some protein-rich snacks.

For those who are have trouble eating their greens juicing can be a great alternative, however, I would recommend eating as much whole fruits and vegetables as possible, in order to fully benefits from the rich micronutrients found in whole foods.  Adding some flavor to your greens or mixing them with flavorful ingredients can make a big difference.  Compared to drinking your fruits and vegetable, you’ll find that taking a bite into them gives you more energy and vibrancy and makes you feel fuller — something every active women needs to negotiate her personal daily challenges!